Papapapa …

Poverty spreads, heroin bursts
And hunger kills in the Third World
While planet earth is dying
The rich always steal more money
Everybody will agree
That everything is getting worse
I’m worried they should be
But it keeps going just the same
Nazis are back and kicking
And so few stand against it
Workers of the world with reborn flags
Kill each other in civil war

We feel so smart ‘cos we’ve learnt
That history repeats itself
But what might be the final run
Is now played live on TV
It’s coming, it’s growing
And we’re sitting and watching
It’s coming, it’s growing
And we’re so weak and lonely.

11 réflexions sur “Papapapa …

  1. love machine dit :

    Oui, mais rien ne vaut ces chansons et ces discours sur le partage, l’amour, l’echange, la générosité… qu’on entend si souvent.

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